Finocracy replaces Narwi on the IFT Alliance

Finocracy, a fresh and promising entrant in the Islamic FinTech space, has replaced leading Waqf crowdfunding platform Narwi as a member of the IFT Alliance. The replacement comes as Narwi founder Mohammad Raafi Hossain departs from Narwi to focus efforts on Finocracy, his latest Fintech startup.

Finocracy is a broad spectrum Islamic Fintech firm, that provides a range of business solutions to its clients, including advisory services, executive training, business development consultancy as well as an accelerator. Narwi is a crowdfunding waqf platform that empowers micro-entrepreneurs, which recently announced its aquisition by the WCMP (World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists), promising to contribute further to the Islamic Social Finance space.

Both Narwi & Finocracy were founded by Mohammad Raafi Hossain, a serial-entrepreneur working to create a thriving Islamic Fintech & Social Finance ecosystem and winner of the 2015 EFICA Award.

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