Introducing the Islamic Fintech Alliance Blog

The Islamic FinTech Alliance (IFT Alliance) is a group of 8 platforms from around the world dedicated to providing fintech solutions that are in line with Islamic values.

The founding members of the IFT Alliance are:

  8. (previously

There is also one associate member


The members of IFT Alliance have all pledged their commitment to 3 core objectives:

  1. Foster safety and trust by establishing, promoting, and enforcing shared standards for islamic financial technology.
  2. Broaden the reach of sharia and social impact financial technology by supporting a network of innovators.
  3. Support development of a sustainable global ecosystem by interfacing with and providing industry insights to regulators and other key stakeholders.

Moving forward, the IFT Alliance has plans for providing industry insights for industry players as well as the general public through tis platform. This platform will also be used to share general news from the member platforms and to engage the crowd about issues related to fintech and Islamic finance.

Please follow this channel to get all the upcoming news and to engage in the conversation.

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